1.       General

  • This website is operated by the owner of FalconArmor, whose email address is Info@falconarmor.com
    (here in: Site and/or Us and/or We).

·         Use of the Site and of anything related thereto, including buying products, is subject to the terms here In below. Please read such terms carefully. If you do not agree with any term herein, you are required not to use the Site. Your use of the Site shall therefore be considered consent to these terms and the Privacy Policy displayed on the Site.

·         If you are not of legal age and thereby not allowed to commit to and accept these terms, do not use this Site. If we discover that you are not of suitable legal age as aforesaid, we reserve the right to stop you from using the Site or any of its components.

·         You hereby commit that, to the extent you have provided us or any other entity via the Site with details about yourself or others, then such details are correct, accurate and complete.

·         We reserve the right to change the Site, redesign it, add or derogate therefrom, without requiring your approval.

·         We may, from time to time, amend these terms and our Privacy Policy, please review the terms and the privacy policy constantly.

·         It is clarified that all purchases made via this Ste are subject to these terms.

2.       Nature of Site

·         The Site enables you to order the products displayed on the Site to your International address.

·         The photos on the Site are for illustrative purposes only. Moreover, there might be color variation between the photos and the actual product.

·         There might be slight deviation from the dimensions mentioned on the Site and the product dimensions.

·         There might be non-significant changes between the products displayed on the Site and the products actually supplied, given changes that originate in the manufacturer and are meant to improve the product.

·         The Site enables you to make adjustments to the products, as specified on the Site, e.g., adding text and/or symbols (herein – adjusted products). The added text is under the Client’s sole responsibility and is limited to the options displayed on the Site. Changes to text thereafter placing the order will not be possible, and the Client will be charged for the full order amount, or other amount at the discreption of the Site, and for the added cost involved in the requested change.

·         The Site does not give any presentation concerning the Client’s option to use the products in the context of any activities, and it is the Client’s responsibility to inspect such options prior to ordering, e.g., to the extent that the Client is a soldier, he or she must inquire with their unit whether it is permitted to use the products in the military, including adjusted products, as aforesaid on the Site.

·         The Site does not give warranty or any presentation concerning the quality of the products for combat, security or other operations. The Client must examine and inquire on such matters personally and prior to ordering.

3.       Who can Buy on the Site

·         You must be 18 years old and legally competent to place the purchase.

·         If you are acting on behalf of another legal entity, you hereby state that you are competent to bind such legal entity with placing the purchases, otherwise you shall be considered personally responsible for all obligations concerning the purchase and the use of this Site.

·         You must hold a valid credit card or another payment method to the extent such is offered on the Site (herein: Credit Service Vendor) and with sufficient OBLIGO to pay for the products you are buying from us.

·         We did not prohibit you from using the Site.

·         You must provide us with updated, complete and accurate details as requested in the product purchase process on the Site, their shipping and payment, including: your name as recorded by the Credit Vendor, your credit card number, payment method type, expiration date, activation numbers or codes required to execute the charge, and your address.

·         You are buying the products to use them and not to resell them.

·         We may specify a minimum order amount.

4.       Purchasing

·         Purchasing and paying on the Site is done vis-à-vis the Site owner.

·         All prices on the Site are displayed next to the products in USD. The prices include VAT, when applied by law, and exclude shipping fees which will be displayed in separate on the Site or provided to the Client otherwise.

·         We are doing the best we can to ensure all products displayed for sale on the Site can be manufactured and supplied within the dates specified on the Site. However, it is possible that a product ordered by you will not be supplied on such dates. In this case, we will return to you within reasonable time and allow you to cancel the order or receive alternative products for the same price, to the extent we deem it fit to do so. In case you did not opt for either, we will cancel the order and contact your Credit Service Vendor to issue a monetary credit. You shall have no argument or demand against us in such case, other than the refund hereinabove.

·         When you complete an order form on the Site, you hereby make us an irrevocable offer to acquire the products displayed in the order according to the prices and other terms therein and under these Terms of Use, including payment of VAT.

·         Your order is subject to our approval, and we may cancel it for any reason we deem fit.

·         Upon receiving your order, we may charge your account with the Credit Service Vendor for the purchase amount and other related payments, e.g., shipping, according to the Site’s shipping policy. The date and method of final billing by the Credit Service Vendor shall be according to the relations between you and such vendor. We will request your Credit Service Vendor to credit our account with the purchase price immediately.

·         Payment will be executed through the Credit Vendor Service that was input in the order, provided that we have a workable interface with such vendor on the Site.

·         To the extent that the Credit Service Vendor failed to approve our charge in an immediate manner, we may cancel your order. If you failed to execute the purchase through the Site, you may contact our customer service center. However, remember that the product will be not be kept for you pending the purchase’s completion, unless you have received a specific written approval from us stating otherwise.

·         If and for any reason the Credit Service Vendor failed to pay us the purchase price, it is your responsibility and duty to execute the payment as soon as possible via some other method.

·         To the extent an erroneous price of a product or other significant details concerning the product are displayed on the Site, then we reserve the right not to execute the transaction or to cancel it, including refunding you, to the extent money has been paid, and this shall be your sole cure.

·         We may, from time to time, change the product types, prices, sales methods, product inventory, etc. A price change will be binding to all purchases executed thereafter publication of the change.

·         In the event you have provided us with faulty details and, as a result, there are shipping problems, you shall bear all of our expenses and damages resulting therefrom, and we may cancel the order and charge you, in addition to the aforesaid, for cancellation fees in total of 15% of the order value. At any rate, non-shipping due to the aforesaid circumstances shall not constitute cause to cancel the transaction by you.

  1. 1.       Intellectual Property

    ·         All copyrights involved in the Website and anything found therein, including trademarks, video, music, images, graphic designs, Website paging, content placement, etc., belong to Us or to others we have authorized as such. You hereby commit not to change, interfere, copy, duplicate, backward engineer, transfer, integrate, process or distribute any part of the Website or of the content therein. You are not authorized to generate links to the Website from another website or to perform any type of framing or embedding in another website in relation with the content of this Website.

    ·         You are not authorized to make any use of the content displayed on the Website without Our specific and written approval.

    ·         Breaching this section shall constitute, inter alia, a breach of the Copyright Law and Commercial Wrongdoing Law, and also entitles us to liquidated damages as specified in such Laws.

    2.       Using the Website

    ·         You hereby commit not to interfere with the Website’s operation, including all its parts, and not take any action which may damage others’ usage of the Website or its routine operation.

    ·         Usage of the Website is meant for private, reasonable and fair use. No use shall be made of the Website for commercial purposes without the explicit and written confirmation of Us. No usage which deviates from the Website’s obvious purposes shall be made.

    ·         You hereby agree to be exposed to various advertisements as they appear on the Website, including ads adjacent to content uploaded by you to the Website.

    ·         We have the right to remove any content raised by You which does not meet these terms, without any prior notice.

    ·         This website, including all its parts, features, applications and contents, is rendered AS-IS without any warranty. We do not guarantee, concerning the Website and its parts: full availability, normal functioning, absence of faults or disruptions or accurate or error-free information. We do not guarantee that all copyrights in the contents found on the Website are ours or of the uploaders, and that all required authorizations have been given in such relation. We do not guarantee that whatever appears on the Website can be relied upon. We reject any argument concerning the Website’s eligibility or compatibility with certain goals. Usage of the Website is under your responsibility only. We, at any rate, shall not be liable for: any resultative or indirect damage, losses and information loss.

    ·         Any downloading of content from the Website is under your responsibility, including concerning how such download impacts your equipment.

    ·         You may not do anything that constitutes a violation of these terms of use or that assists an action which may damage or interfere with the operation of the Website’s system, features, applications, etc. We may restrict your usage of the Website to the extent that we suspect such actions.

    ·         You may not use any tool, software, excl. common browsers, system, algorithm, robot, method, automatic or other programmed means of accessing the Website. It is prohibited to copy contents from the Website with such means and they may not be used to penetrate the Website or its mechanisms, and no use or copying of the code implement therein may be made.

    ·         Though we take reasonable precautions to keep the information transferred to the Website and stored therein, we cannot guarantee that an unauthorized entity will not have access to the information, and in such case we shall not be held liable for any damage or harm caused to you as a result.

    ·         The privacy policy on the Website constitutes an integral part of these terms.

    3.       Responsibility
    Us, our employees, managers, directors and shareholders have no responsibility for direct or indirect or resultative or punitive damages resulting from unauthorized use of the Website or products by anyone.

    ·         In any event, we will not be liable for any damage or expense or loss or discomfort or loss of information or grief and suffering as a result of using the Website or products.

    ·         All products on the Website are offered for sale AS-IS, with no guarantee of compatibility. At any rate, our maximum liability shall not exceed the total payments you have made to us for the Website purchases.

    ·         You shall indemnify Us, our employees, managers, directors and shareholders for any lawsuit or demand by a third party resulting from your use of the Website or your buying of a product therein or your use of either. We shall make the best efforts to notify you as soon as possible regarding a lawsuit or demand as aforesaid and shall allow you to defend against it. To the extent you fail to defend as required, we may do so in your place, and you shall bear all of our expenses in the matter as well as the results of the proceeding or settlement, to the extent one is reached in such context.


    ·         Preclusion from taking any step which we are entitled to take shall not constitute waiver or estoppel.

    ·         If any term herein shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable, then such term shall be enforced to the extent permitted by law, and it shall not derogate from the validity and enforceability of the other terms herein.

    ·         These terms will be governed by the State of Israel’s laws and sole jurisdiction to hear on the terms and any matter related to your usage and its results is given to the Courts.

    ·         Any lawsuit between the Parties concerning this Website shall be filed within one year thereafter the occurrence of the lawsuit’s cause.

    ·         You may not convert any right you have vis-à-vis Us in relation with the Website. We may convert our rights and obligations to others.

    ·         Such terms exhaust the full agreements between us concerning usage of the Website and product purchase.