1. 1.       Shipping

    ·         Shipping shall only be performed according to the information you have provided in your order, to the extent our shipping company ships to your address. The shipment is International and is limited to our shipping company and is not done to military bases. In case we do not ship to your address, you must agree with us on another drop-off location in proximity from which you can take the products by yourself.

    ·         Product supply dates are up to 15 business days to US and up to 21 business days to everywhere else (excluded: Africa, Oceania). Shipping shall add 3 more business days for processing your order.

    ·         A product that has reached a location shall be kept for the Client for an additional 7 days. To the extent that the Client has failed to collect the product within this timeframe, the product will be returned to us, and the Client must then schedule with us a new shipment. The cost of such shipment shall be borne by the Client in full, and the Client shall not be entitled to any refund for the previous shipping. In case the Client has not scheduled any new shipment within 30 days, we may destroy the product or resell it, and in such case we will not be obligated to issue a refund or credit to the Client.

    ·         Dates will begin as of order confirmation by us and by your Credit Services Vendor, and once we’ve received all details required for shipping and thereafter all details required for shipping execution have been agreed. When counting days, an order confirmed later than 2pm (Israel Time) will be considered as if it was received on the following day.

    ·         Product supply times mentioned on the Site are calculated based on business days only (SUN-THU, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves) but exclude any strikes of leading bodies or any days of war, security conflict, disaster or any crisis or event not under our control.

    ·         You hereby permit us to provide your details and the list of products you’ve acquired to the shipping agents. We may, for the purpose of completing the shipping process, require your attendance at the shipping address thereupon shipping and your presentation of identification or credit card and payment confirmation, to the extent relevant.

    ·         In the event shipping was done later than the times specified in the Site’s shipping policy, due to our fault only, then your sole cure would be to wait or cancel the order and be refunded for the payments you have executed. To the extent we have notified you about a possible shipping delay and you approved such supply delay, you may not cancel the order by the passing of the new shipping date, to the extent shipping was not done. Any other delay shall be considered an agreed delay between the Parties.

    ·         If we reason that we would be unable to provide you with the products in a timely fashion, then to the extent an agreed solution is not jointly reached, we may cancel the order without any further argument or demand on your part, other than to be refunded for the payments you have executed.


    ·         If item will get stuck on your country customs, you shall wait until item will pass it or will return to seller. In that case we will not take responsibility for extend shipping policy.